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Class times:

Monday Nights:


At: Canley Heights RSL & Sporting Club,

Wakeley Room

(26 Humphries Road, Wakeley NSW)


Time: from 7pm (latest finish is 10pm)


Cost: $7 for the night



Class Description:

Our class is customised each week for the dancers who are there. As a group, the teacher will teach a new dance or more for someone who hasn't done it before (the whole class does this together). Less experienced dancers are usually paired with more experienced ones to help them learn to their full potential. After this dancers are allowed to focus on specific dance practice for upcoming competitions. Here dancers are taught more challenging routines (as opposed to a simple basic) to provide more of a competitive edge on the dancefloor.

Classes for 2019 have ceased, to begin again on Monday 10th Febrary 2020.

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